CLEAR treatment for scoliosis – does it work?

I do not have any experience with CLEAR treatment.  From the internet it appears to be a chiropractic treatment that strengthens spinal weakness to restore normal shape of the spine.  This may be difficult if there is fixed solid deformity.  I would ask for references.  Good Luck!

Sciatica – see a General Practitioner (GP) or a Chiropractor?

I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor to orchestrate the workup and treatment of your pain.  You may require anti-inflammatory medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation and MRI scan of the spine .  Depending on the results of these tests and treatment you may need to see an interventional pain doctor or spine surgeon to determine the benefit of steroid injections or spine surgery.  Today many spine surgeries can be done minimally invasively through a spinal endoscope decreasing tissue damage, pain and recovery time from surgery.  Please contact us for more information.  Good Luck!