Does scoliosis cause pain?

Yes scoliosis can cause pain.  Please read on for more information about scoliosis.

The spine is made up of  column of vertebrae separated by disks which form 3 gentle alternating curves in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine when viewed from the side of the person.  The spine should not have any curves or rotation when viewed from behind.

A “C” or “S” shaped curve viewed from behind the patient is called scoliosis. This is an abnormal curvature of the spine.  There are many causes of scoliosis, for example you may have been born with abnormal spine bones producing the abnormal spine shape (congenital), it may develop during growth spurt (idiopathic), from neurological disease (neurological), injury (traumatic), cancer or arthritis (degenerative), etc.   Scoliosis can cause pain and usually the pain and neurological dysfunction (such as numbness, weakness, difficulty walking and bowel and bladder dysfunction) is related to the severity of the scoliosis.  That is the more severe the scoliosis the more pain and dysfunction the patient may have.  Severe scoliosis may interfere with basic functions such as breathing, walking and activities of daily living.

Patients with scoliosis should see a spine surgeon to determine the best treatment.  For more information please contact Executive Spine Surgery.  Good Luck

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