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How Back Pain Massage Therapy Can Help You Feel Better

Ever feel like you’re in more pain every single day?

A surprising cause for your pain might come from your back. This discomfort can affect you while you sit at work, while you walk around, and even while you try to sleep at night.

Back pain massage may be the key to a healthier and happier you. Recent studies show 50% of participants who get regular massages report significant improvement of their pain symptoms.

Some felt such pain relief that they were no longer considered clinically disabled!

Before deciding if massage therapy is right for you, you need to understand what it is.

What Is Back Pain Massage?

Back pain massage is a specialized form of neuromuscular massage therapy. It concentrates on pain in your back. The act of massaging the affected area can bring immediate pain relief, and provide longer-term benefits as well.

In the same study we mentioned earlier, 75% of those who reported improvement after their massage therapy said they still felt better three months later without further therapy sessions.

Pleasure or Pain

As with any other neuromuscular massage, there is the potential for mild pain during a session.

Intense back pain sometimes requires intense massage to induce relief. However, the overall experience is pleasurable, and it can bring you a number of surprise benefits.

Headache Relief

You may be surprised to learn that a back massage can actually relieve your headaches, too.

Recent research discovered it only takes one session of massage therapy to ease the pain of patients, including those who regularly suffer from headaches.

The reason behind this discovery? Many headaches are caused by tension in different muscles within your body. Back pain massage helps to ease that tension and relieve pressure on your nerves, leading to instant relief.

Natural Muscle Relaxer

Much of the pain in your back and other parts of your body comes from having sore or tense muscles.

Massaging the affected areas can provide immediate relief in a way similar to rubbing your elbows after banging them on a hard surface.

Back pain massage provides a healthy and natural way of relieving your muscles and making you feel better.

The Cure to Posture Pain

We now understand the different kinds of muscle pain associated with sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

However, not everyone has the money or space to install something like a standing desk to counteract this pain.

Back pain massage helps provide immense relief to pain in your neck and shoulders, areas of your body most affected by sitting at a desk all day.

Massage restores your body and posture back to its proper balance and can make you both healthier and more productive.

Improved Immunity

Going into the winter season, many people are concerned about catching a cold or the flu. Another surprising benefit of massage therapy is that it boosts your immunity and helps you ward off sickness.

Your immunity is powered by white blood cells within your body. The act of massage and other forms of this therapy serves to increase the number of white blood cells within your body.

This uptick gives you a healthy and natural defense against all kinds of illnesses.

Less Anxiety

In addition to physical problems such as back pain and sore muscles, many people suffer anxiety and depression. A massage serves to provide relief for both of these maladies almost instantly.

Human touch releases oxytocin and other chemicals within your body. Patients who regularly get massages have reduced feelings of depression and anxiety. They also report an increase in their overall happiness.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is difficult for many people to obtain. Busy work schedules and family lives make it hard to catch enough Zs. Many people struggle to get to sleep and stay that way the entire night.

Massage therapy has been shown to help patients sleep better, particularly those who have difficulty falling asleep. Research has shown regular massages work on patients of varying age levels, including young infants.

Patients undergoing stressful treatments such as chemotherapy also find massages helpful. This therapy provides a healthy and natural way to relax. It also reduces anxiety and provides a better sleeping experience.

No Lengthy Recovery Time

Those experiencing back pain often worry about treatment involving surgery. Surgeries often have lengthy recovery times, greatly impacting your family life and workplace productivity. Fortunately, back pain massage provides a better alternative.

It’s a completely outpatient procedure, offering a personalized treatment for your pain, getting you back to enjoying your life. You’ll also have peace of mind as trusted massage professionals help you find pain relief.

Treat Yourself to Expert Care

For Dr. Carl Spivak, your back pain relief is his profession. He’s both a neurosurgeon and the President of Executive Spine Surgery P.C. He offers a wide variety of treatments and surgeries.

Dr. Spivak is highly trained and belongs to a number of prestigious organizations, including the North American Spine Society, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

One look at his patient’s testimonials and you will see Dr. Spivak’s ability to take away your back pain and transform your life for the better.

To begin your journey toward being free of back pain, call Dr. Spivak’s office at 908-452-5612 today or book online. With his expert care, you’ll become healthier, happier, and more productive. Come find out what it means to be flexible and pain-free!

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Stem Cell for Back Pain: What Is It and How Exactly Does It Work?

Almost eighty percent of all adults in the US experience low back pain at some point.

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability of people under the age of forty-five.

For some, this pain takes the form of a dull, constant ache. For others, this condition causes sudden pain that can make it difficult to move.

Because low back pain is a daily challenge for so many people, there are all kinds of different treatments. Unfortunately, many forms of treatment are very invasive and may ultimately fail to provide any relief.

The need for better ways to treat back pain has inspired a lot of ongoing medical research. Stem cell for back pain is one of the most promising new treatments.

Before we look at how that treatment works and why it’s so promising, it’s helpful to understand exactly what’s at the root of most back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

One of the reasons back pain is such a prevalent condition is there are many different causes. The first cause is intervertebral disc degeneration. This degeneration occurs as people get older.

Instead of discs remaining flexible, degeneration means they lose their ability to provide cushioning. Back pain can also stem from a ruptured or herniated disc. These conditions cause discs to compress and bulge.

Radiculopathy is another cause of back pain. This condition arises when the spinal nerve root gets inflamed or compressed. Sciatica is a similar cause and may also result in pain shooting down one leg.

Traumatic injuries, spinal stenosis, sprains, strains, and spondylosis are all other possible causes of back pain. With any of these causes, the resulting back pain can take a significant toll on your daily quality of life.

The Problem with Traditional Back Surgery

A common approach to back surgery is removing a degenerated disc and then fusing the spine. The fusing is done in an attempt to eliminate motion which can cause additional pain.

Although traditional back surgery works for some people, there are a number of problems and risks associated with this procedure. The first is that it’s very invasive.

The second issue is at least twenty percent of traditional back surgeries fail to provide any pain relief. Another potential complication is the need for a repeat surgery if a cage or graft subsides.

The invasive nature of this type of surgery can also cause nerve damage. That damage may create problems with leg strength or bowel control.

After learning about all of those risks, many individuals suffering from back pain pursue other forms of treatment. Those treatments can include massage therapy or chiropractic care.

While those treatments are less invasive, they often fail to provide any significant pain relief. Actually providing real relief in a minimally invasive way is what makes stem cell treatment so exciting for back pain sufferers.

Understanding How Stem Cell for Back Pain Works

The term stem cell refers to a cell that’s located within the body. What makes a stem cell different is it hasn’t yet transformed to perform a specific function.

When a stem cell is extracted from the body and then injected into a different area, it can transform based on the needs of that specific area.

In the case of stem cell for back pain, bone marrow is extracted from a patient’s hip bone. This marrow contains multiple stem cells. The cells are isolated by placing the marrow in a centrifuge.

Once the stem cells are isolated, a board-certified surgeon can use an x-ray to guide the cells’ injection back into the body. The x-ray provides the precision needed to target a specific disc in the spine.

After an injection is complete, the stem cell will start to promote healing of the degenerated disc. As injured disc tissue begins getting repaired through growth, the back pain a patient feels will start going away.

Although everyone heals differently, many patients who get this type of treatment experience major pain reductions in just a matter of months. The ongoing effects of stem cell for back pain can provide complete relief over the course of a year.

In some cases, the most effective approach to stem cell treatment may involve two or three injections. This is especially true for patients who are dealing with multiple disc problems along their spine.

A patient who has stem cell treatment in their back can support their recovery by doing therapy exercises. Simple exercises focused on posture and core-strengthening will work in conjunction with the stem cell towards a healthy spine.

The Benefits of Choosing Stem Cell for Back Pain

The first benefit of stem cell treatment is studies have confirmed its effectiveness. Out of one hundred back pain patients in a North Carolina study, sixty-nine of the patients experienced pain reduction.

Not only did the study note that the pain reduction was at least a fifty percent improvement for every patient, but it came after just one treatment session.

A shorter recovery time is the next benefit of stem cell for back pain. Traditional back surgery requires six to eight weeks to recover. It’s generally possible to resume light activity after a stem cell treatment within just a few days.

Using stem cell to address back pain is also far less invasive than traditional surgery. This procedure doesn’t involve any tissue removal, cutting or scars.

Instead, you’ll only experience temporary discomfort as bone marrow is extracted from your hip bone. The same is true when the stem cells are injected into one of your discs.

Is Stem Cell Treatment Right for You?

Stem cell for back pain can provide real relief from this challenging condition. It can also help a degenerated disc heal itself over the course of three to twelve months.

If you’re currently struggling with back pain, Executive Spine Surgery makes it easy to find out if you’re a candidate for stem cell treatment.

All you need to do is fill out our online consultation form and we’ll be in touch with soon about the next step towards stem cell for back pain.

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