Stem Cell Disc Regeneration

There are many types of invasive treatments, some of which can be quite effective but none of them actually repair the damaged disk. Much progress has been made in experimental stem cell treatments that can actually heal the damage that has been done to the disc, restoring it to like new condition. This procedure is called Disc Regeneration; it produces new disc cells inside the disc itself, so that it can rebuild itself.

Stem Cell Disc Regeneration Procedure
The Disc Regeneration procedure is short and minimally invasive. Bone marrow is extracted from the patient’s hip bone and stem cells are separated out using a centrifuge. The stem cells are then injected into the disc using the guidance of an x-ray. The patient is then free to go home and recover. Patients often experience a lessening of back pain and a restoration of the degeneration in the disc over the next few months to a year. They frequently experience complete relief from their back pain and improved quality of life overall. Disk Regeneration using stem cells can help a patient return to a happy, pain free existence.

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