What is the MILD Procedure for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

MILD Stands for Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression. If your lumbar spinal stenosis is caused by excess spinal ligaments, then this quick out-patient procedure could be for you. Tiny instruments are inserted through an incision the size of a dime or smaller. These specialized tools allow your surgeon to remove the excess tissue that is causing your spinal canal to narrow, which reduces symptoms such as pain and tingling, and restores mobility. This relatively simple surgery does not require general anesthesia, and it does not even require stitches. Patients who have undergone the MILD procedure report increased standing time and a much greater ability to walk without pain or numbness. Like most minimally invasive surgeries, the MILD procedure has a very low risk of complications.

How do I know if the MILD procedure is for me?

If you are suffering from numbness, pain or tingling in your legs and/or buttocks when walking or pain or numbness in your lower back when standing, you may be suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. You should should see a spine surgeon to evaluate the cause of your pain and see if the MILD procedure is an effective treatment for you.