What can be done? Can it be fixed easily? What are Schmorls nodes? What is an annular bulge?

These are 3 separate problems:

1. Schmorl’s nodes – Schmorl’s nodes are disk herniations into the vertebral body.  The disk squeezes out of the disk space into the bone.  This is usually not usually painful or treated.

2. L5-S1 degenerated, bulging and protruded disk – Over time disks wear out from injury, aging, wear and tear, genetics, work and sports.  Your L5-S1 disk is degenerating, wearing out and likely collapsing and bulging into the spinal canal pinching the L5 and S1 nerve root.  A protruded disk is larger then bulging disk.  This may be the source of the pain and is often fixed with discectomy or spinal fusion.  Click link to read more on sciatica and disk herniations I have a pain in my left butt that goes all the way down my leg. What could that be?

3. Spinal stenosis – is narrowing of the spinal canal.  The measurement varies but is in the range of 11 mm.  More important than the measured size of the canal is the appearance and the amount of nerve compression seen on MRI.  Spinal stenosis may be treated with pain injections or surgery.  Minimally invasive treatment options include MILD procedure and METRx tubular laminectomy.  JOIMAX is currently working on new endoscopic treatment for spinal stenosis.

I would recommend seeing a spine surgeon to determine the best treatment for your back.   Good Luck!