The Most Common Question About Back Pain

How can I relieve my lower back pain?

I am asked this question regularly in both social and medical situations. It seems that the majority of the population suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lives. The first step to treating lower back pain is to rule out deterioration in the back disks and joints. Ruling out spinal degeneration and fractures is key to determining the proper treatment of lower back pain. X-rays or an MRI scan may be necessary to figure out if the problem is caused by a spinal issue.

Other causes may include muscle knots (myofascial trigger points) or spasms, a misaligned or abnormally shaped spine (spondylolithesis, scoliosis). In my practice, I often find that arthritic facet joints are very common cause of back pain and are readily treated with an endoscopic rhizotomy. I would recommend seeing your physician to determine the cause of your back pain. Sometimes pain issues can be resolved simply by stretching more and strengthening the postural muscles. While surgical intervention is not always needed, this is not a problem that should be neglected, as even non-surgical problems can continue to worsen and cause a great deal of pain.