Sharp shooting pain in my left arm.

Neck and back pain are very common problems seen in spine clinics today.  Patient may develop neck pain from damaged degenerating disk, arthritis is in the facet joints,  muscle spasms, broken bones, looseness or instability of the spine.  If these problems lead to compression of the spinal cord or neck nerves then arm pain may develop.   Moving the neck may worsen the arm pain.  This pain may be associated with numbness and tingling, pins and needles and/or weakness in the arm. They may develop weakness or poor coordination in the hands and unsteadiness when they walk leading to falling.

Patients with pain, numbness and tingling may benefit from rest, physical therapy and anti-inflammatories prior to considering surgery.  Patients with more severe problems including weakness or coordination require more urgent surgical consultation.

Traditionally surgery was done with a decompression, inter-body fusion and instrumentation either through the front or back of the neck. There are new options today!  JOIMAX has just developed and released a new Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System (CESSY) operating on neck problems.  Through a very tiny incision a tiny camera is placed through the neck into the disk space.  The slipped herniated disk is found under direct vision and removed with very tiny instruments.  No fusion or spinal hardware is needed.

The first course on this new Cervical Endoscopic Surgery was hosted in Baltimore , MD in July 2013.  These techniques are now available at select practices in the USA.

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