Does the body ever reject the materials used in spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion is the connecting of one vertebrae to another vertebrae to strengthen the spine and decrease pain.  This is usually done with screws and rod or sometimes a metal clamp.  Bone is placed between the vertebrae to cause the vertebrae to grow together to make a solid continuous bone.  This is the fusion part of spinal fusion.

It is uncommon for the body to reject spinal fusion materials. Spinal fusion is usually done with bone, plastic (PEEK) or titanium cages and titanium screws and rods.   Spinal clamps are becoming more popular and  sometimes are used as an alternative to pedicle screws.   Bone or bone alternatives are packed into the disk space, facet joints or beside the spine for fusion to happen.  It is very rare to have a reaction to bone, PEEK or titanium.     Very rarely patients develop an allergic reaction to donor bone. If they use your own bone your body should not react to it.   Bone alternatives like calcium phosphate may cause reaction but again this is unlikely.

Rest assured most people go through a spinal fusion without rejection to the fusion materials.  To learn more information on spinal fusions please click Spinal Fusion and Options.

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