Can I do yoga after spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion is a surgery to connect one vertebrae to another vertebrae.  This is done by the placement of bone in between the vertebrae and connecting the vertebrae with rods and screws or other fixation devices.

The patient’s activity is restricted after spinal fusion.  Most patients are restricted from twisting, bending and lifting after spinal fusion.  Walking and light activity is encouraged.  Yoga is a series of postures and breathing exercises.  There are many benefits of yoga including improving flexibility, strength, posture and breathing.

Flexibility is improved by slow gradual stretches decreasing stiffness in muscles, ligaments and joints.  Strength in legs, back and arms are improved by holding specific postures.  Yoga is important for core strengthening.  This is especially important in people with back problems.  Posture is improved through core strengthening.  Some yoga can be aerobic but  breathing is controlled to promote relaxation.

Yoga may be helpful after spinal fusion.  Treatment should be direct by an yoga teacher experience in spinal fusion treatment.  Extreme bending and twisting movements should be avoided until your back is fused to prevent screws and rods from breaking.

For more information on spinal fusion please see Spinal Fusion and Options.

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